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A Hybrid Wind – Solar System for Jamgodrani (Dewas, M.P.) Wind Farm

Research Area: Volume 1 Issue 1, April - 2013 Year: 2013
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: wind energy; solar energy; solar-wind hybrid system
  • Shravan Vishwakarma
  • Namraj Garhewal
  • Prabhash Jain
Journal: IJNIST Volume: 1
Number: 1(2) Pages: 10-16
Month: March
:- As we know Wind speeds are often low in periods (summer, eventually) when the sun resources are at their best. On the other hand, the wind is often stronger in the winter, seasons (in many cases) when there are less sun resources. Because of this the output of such systems is varying. This limitation gave rise to concept of hybrid systems And these different outputs can make the hybrid systems the best option in electricity production. An independent system can’t provide continuous energy, as these are seasonal. By integrating and optimizing the wind systems and solar photovoltaic, the reliability of the systems can be improved and the unit cost of power can be minimized. The prediction of the system’s future needs is another great advantage presented by this work. Where we can increase power generation and can full fill the excess demand of the people. A Hybrid power system can be used to reduce energy storage requirements and these system demands a higher initial investment than single larger systems: large wind and solar PV systems are proportionally cheaper than smaller systems. The aim of this paper investigates the wind and solar thermal power (hybrid system) availability in Indore (Dewas) located in Madhya Pradesh which is the central part of India. It can be concluded that possible applications of hybrid systems could be considered for the efficient utilization of these resources. This proposed system is attractive owing to its simplicity, easy of control and low cost.
Full text: IJNIST2.pdf


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