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A Fourth Generation MIMO-OSDM Wireless System for Fading Channel using STBC Code

Research Area: Uncategorized Year: 2014
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: Multiple Input Multiple output MIMO system, orthogonal spatial division multiplexing OSDM, 4G wireless communication
  • Ritu Gupta
  • Neeraj wadhwa
  • Megha Kataria
Journal: IJNIST Volume: 2
Number: 1 Pages: 1-7
Month: Jan-June
ISSN: 2321-0468
The MIMO System offered an attracted attention in wireless communications, because of the significant increases in data throughput and link range without additional bandwidth or increased transmit power. In a wireless communication environment, multiple propagation paths exist between transmitter and receiver due to scattering of signal by different objects. Thus, copies of the signal following different paths can undergo different attenuation, distortions, delays and phase shifts. There are various coding methods, a main issue in all these schemes is the exploitation of redundancy to achieve high reliability, high spectral efficiency and high performance gain for MIMO-OFDM systems earlier. In this paper, we are going to introduce an orthogonal spatial division multiplexing in which divide the central signal streams into both time and frequency. Also to increase the spatial diversity we are going to introduce spatial modulation along with STBC for our new MIMO-OSDM. Experimental results show that, proposed system outperform the existing MIMO-OFDM system in terms of performance measure for various modulation schemes.
Full text: 2102.pdf


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