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A Study on the Effect of Welding on HAZ, Mechanical Properties and Corrosion of AISI 409m Ferritic Stainless Steel by SMAW, TIG and MIG Welding

Research Area: volume 3 Issue 1 Year: 2015
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: Heat Affected Zone, Current, Ferritic Stainless Steel, MIG and SMAW
  • Swati Jain
  • Nilesh Diwakar
  • Rajeev Arya
Journal: IJNIST Volume: 3
Number: 1 Pages: 1-9
ISSN: 2321-0468
The effect of three different current range use for preparation of ferritic stainless steel joints by two different welding was investigated to find out the Heat Affected Zone on the basis of microstructure change. Rolled plates of 6 mm thickness were used as the base material for preparing single ‘V’ butt welded joints. Here we were use two different welding as a SMAW and MIG for the preparation of joint. Test rig were fabricated and perform a welding at three different current ranges. Microstructure changes after welding was found out away from the weld region at different point and comparison between two welding result presented in this paper.
Full text: 3102.pdf


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