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CFD Thermal Performance Analysis of Square Cross Section Fins of Aluminum, Copper & Nickel for Using in Micro Heat Exchanger of CPU

Research Area: Volume 4 Issue 1 Year: 2016
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: CFD, Microchannel heat sink, fins, fins types, square fins, mathematical modeling, geometrical and thermodynamic parameters and models for thermal analysis
  • Manish Belwanshi
  • N. D. Pal2
Journal: IJNIST Volume: 4
Number: 1 Pages: 1-12
ISSN: 2321-0468
In present work, CFD prediction is done for thermal performance evaluation of square cross section fins arranged in inline manner by using FLUENT 14 solvers. The standard K epsilon model and pressure based solver was used for completing the analysis and getting the desired thermal effects in heat sink. Aluminum, Copper & Nickel was used as solid materials of fins for their high thermal conductivity and lower cost, air was used as a fluid for doing the operation. It is observed from all the figures that the boundary conditions are satisfied asymptotically in all the cases which support the accuracy of the numerical results. It is deduced in this study that increasing values of any parameter such as velocity of air, offset between fins, increase the thermal boundary layer and other thermal effects like wall heat transfer coefficient and surface heat transfer function and static and total temperature. In this thermal analysis, temperature variations with respect to distance at which heat flow occur through the fin is analyzed. The extensions on the finned surfaces are used to increase the surface area of the fin in contact with the fluid flowing around it. So, as the surface area increase the more fluid contact to increase the rate of heat transfers from the base surface as compare to fin without the extensions provided to it.
Full text: IJNIST 4102.pdf


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