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Assessing the Effectiveness of Demand Chain Management

Research Area: Volume 5 Issue 2 Year: 2017
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: Demand Chain Management, Effectiveness, Interdependence, Inheritance, Complexity
  • Narendra Varkhedkar
  • Namish Mehta
  • Amol Ashokrao Talankar
Journal: IJNIST Volume: 5
Number: 2 Pages: 24-53
ISSN: 2321-0468
The concept of Demand Chain Management (DCM) has gained importance with globalization of the market to satisfy the differentiated needs of customer. Demand is a key driver for DCM, thus it influences the decision making throughout the chain in all phases. Demand depends on many parameters which are interrelated to each other and have inheritances, this makes the DCM a complex system. It is thus difficult to implement it and evaluate its impact in a real situation. This paper presents a generic model of DCM with parameters affecting it; a complexity diagram is presented to understand the interactions between them. Paper also presents a methodology for evaluation of DCM effectiveness by considering the interacting parameters using graph theoretic approach, which is quite flexible to accommodate new parameters and dynamics involved. Output is obtained in the in the form of single numerical index which is useful in comparison and ranking of organizations for assessing DCM effectiveness. Further, this paper also attempts to address the future scope of work. Paper also attempts to explore future scope of work in improving the effectiveness of DCM
Full text: 5201.pdf


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