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A Modeling Framework for Demand Chain Operations and Planning

Research Area: Volume 3 Issue 2 Year: 2015
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: Demand chain management, Supply chain management, System dynamics, Effectiveness, Planning and Operations
  • Narendra Varkhedkar
  • Amol Ashokrao Talankar
  • Namish Mehta
Journal: IJNIST Volume: 3
Number: 2 Pages: 66-88
ISSN: 2321-0468
To what extent the effectiveness of a demand chain can be improved through the concepts of DCM? There are many issues which are yet to be explored in this context, one of these important issues is the extent of availability and use of real-time demand and inventory information; the more the extent of availability and use of this information, better is the effectiveness. Thus, the real-time demand and inventory information must be made available to the full extent to obtain the optimum effectiveness, especially in cases where relative supply lead times are shorter. However, demand chain design/strategy level decisions are based on forecasted demand, the real-time demand information can be useful for decision making at operations and planning level. This paper presents a framework for incorporation of real-time demand in DCM. This paper analyses the dynamics, complexities and looping feedback characteristics of demand and its interrelatedness, for analysis of such a real life situation, due to its scope and usefulness, the system dynamics is proposed as a suitable methodology.
Full text: IJNIST3220.pdf


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