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Indian Mega Religious Festival: A SAP-LAP Perspective

Research Area: Volume 2 Issue 2 Year: 2014
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: SAP-LAP, Event Management, Non formal service sector, service coordination
  • Amol Ashokrao Talankar
  • Narendra Varkhedkar
Journal: IJNIST Volume: 2
Number: 2 Pages: 153-169
ISSN: 2321-0468
In non-formal service sectors are unaware about the need and importance of Quality Management System. The paper presents situation-actor-process (SAP)-learning-action-performance (LAP) framework to capture operations of these sectors so that need of quality planning and coordination issues can be rationalised. Paper includes the case study of mega religious festival held in India, popularly known as Magh Mela. For development of SAP-LAP framework, exploratory interviews were conducted to explore managerial situations in the events and their influencing actors and processes in the system to develop a structured questionnaire. Further analysis of SAP indentifies certain learning issues against which the actions have been proposed to improve performance. It provides plausible approach for inquiry especially for unstructured organisations to develop formalised model. The relative simplicity of the model will help to identify the external and internal drivers in planning for the future public events, to avoid budget overruns and service outages and to improve customer satisfaction.
Full text: IJNIST-2227.pdf


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