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Box Type Solar Cookers With Thermal Heat Storage: A review

Research Area: Volume 6 Issue 2 Year: 2018
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: Solar cooker, Thermal energy storage, Phase change material, Box type cooker, Sensible heat storage
  • Sumit Kumar Singh Chauhan
  • Rajeev Arya
  • Nilesh Diwakar
  • Namish Mehta
Journal: IJNIST Volume: 6
Number: 2 Pages: 19-29
Month: July-Dec
ISSN: 2321-0468
The continuous increase in use of fossil fuels, liquefied petroleum gases (LPG) and the increase in fuel prices are the main driving forces for behind efforts to effectively utilize various sources of renewable energy and solar energy is one of them. In many parts of the world, Incidenting direct solar radiation is considered to be one of the most prospective sources of energy. Among the different types of Renewables energy, Energy from radiation for cooking is one of the basic and dominant uses in developing countries specially in Tropical regions and equatorial regions. Direct radiation from sun is higher in the region between Tropic of cancer & Tropic of Capricorn and India is country falls between them. Energy requirement for cooking accounts for 36% of total primary energy consumption in India. Hence, the need arises for the development of alternative, affordable mode of cooking for use in developing countries like India, China etc. Solar cooker is one of primary source of cooking through direct radiant energy and the large scale utilization of this form of energy is possible only if the effective technology for its storage can be developed so that the cooking time range can be increased from the current analysis and effective to the capital cost of actual cooking applications. Thermal energy storage is essential whenever there is a mismatch between the supply and consumption of energy and in solar cooker there is a large amount of Heat losses and after certain time the solar cooker became inefficient. Latent heat storage in a phase change material is very attractive because of its high storage density with small temperature swing and Sensible heat storage can store the heat without changing its phase..The chemical heat storage i.e. HTF is ineffective in solar cooker because of low temperature ranges but shows great efficiency in large Bed thermal heat storages. In this present work a review has been made to study all the research and development work carried out in the field of solar cooker in particular the storage type solar cookers
Full text: IJNIST6203.pdf


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