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A Review on Design of Wind-Solar Micro-Hydro System Using ANFIS for Generation of Sustainable Power in Context of Nepal

Research Area: Volume 7 Issue 1 Year: 2019
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: Wind, Solar, ANFIS, Microgrid, Micro-Hydro
  • Sachin Rasaili
  • Rajeev Arya
  • Amit Khare
Journal: IJNIST Volume: 7
Number: 1 Pages: 78-85
Month: Jan-June
ISSN: 2321-0468
This work presents an adaptive add-on controller for the unbalance voltage compensation in low voltage Microgrid (LVMG) constituting multiple voltage source converters (VSC) based distributed generation. Since, the VSC based LVMG is almost inertia-less system and any kind of load variations have very significant impact on voltage profile, which is highly undesirable. Presence of unbalance load at point of common coupling (PCC) further exaggerates the problem. In order to mitigate the negative effect of unbalance load, an ANFIS based add on control loop has been added in to the conventional VSC control. Here, the add-on controller sets the reference current gains equivalent to voltage unbalance factor. These reference current gains obtained from add-on controller are added to the output of voltage control loop to set the modified reference current for inner current control loop. The extensive simulation results with experimental validation have been provided to validate the proposed control algorithm.
Full text: IJNIST 7107.pdf


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