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Performance Evaluation Of A 21 kW Solar PV Power Plant in Central India & Analysis by using BlueSol PV & Helioscope Software program

Research Area: Volume 8 Issue 1 Year: 2020
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: Solar energy, Solar photovoltaic, photovoltaic effect, semiconductors, solar array, renewable energy, sunlight
  • Anshul Chouhan
  • Rajeev Arya
  • Amit Khare
Journal: IJNIST Volume: 8
Number: 1 Pages: 1-16
Month: Jan-June
ISSN: 2321-0468
India has huge potentials of solar energy. MP is the central state of India with a subtropical climate. The state has a potential of 5.5 kWh/m2/day with 300 clear sunny days. Still Solar PV is not used commonly in Central India due to lack of awareness about installation technologies, uncertainty about the amount of actual power generation plant and huge amount of capital investments. A study concerning the estimation of power generation before installations and its validation from actual results is necessary to develop the faith of probable users of Central India towards Solar PV power generation technology. In this thesis a study regarding performance evaluation of a 21 kW grid connected Solar PV plant installed at the roof of Adhish Industries, JK road, Govindpura, Bhopal (M.P.) is conducted by comparing its actual generation month wise for a year from April 2018 to March 2019 with the prediction results of two software programs BlueSol PV & Helioscope. and was found that the monthly variations in the prediction results of both the software was in the range of 3% to 25% with an annual variation of about 13.1%. The monthly variations in actual generation with the prediction results of BlueSol PV software was in the range of 13% to 25% with an average annual variation of about 17.82%. and the monthly variation in actual generation with the prediction results of Helioscope software program was in the range of 0% to 12%, with an annual variation of about 5.43%.
Full text: 8101IJNIST.pdf


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