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Year: 2013

  • Tiwari, N., Dubey, R. P., Bhardwaj, R. & Ahluwalia, G. (2013). Common Fixed Point Theorem for Non Contraction Mapping in Banach Space Using Integral Type Mappings. IJNIST, 1(2(5)), 79-93. [More] [Full text]
  • Xiao-feng, P. (2013). Establishment of New Theory of Nonlinear Quantum Mechanics and its Correctness. IJNIST, 1(1(4)), 25-78. [More] [Full text]
  • Patel, R. M. & Bhardwaj, R. (2013). Fixed Point Theorem for Five Mappings in Two Metric Spaces. IJNIST, 1(1(3)), 17-24. [More] [Full text]
  • Vishwakarma, S., Garhewal, N. & Jain, P. (2013). A Hybrid Wind – Solar System for Jamgodrani (Dewas, M.P.) Wind Farm. IJNIST, 1(1(2)), 10-16. [More] [Full text]
  • Thamaraiselvan, R. & Saradha, A. (2013). Text-based Steganography using Cover Text Free Human-Generated Natural Language (HGNL) Approach. IJNIST, 1(1), 1-9. [More] [Full text]
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